Military Equipment

Modernization of Russian military products

Shooting of BTR-60 and BRDM-2

Modernized BTR-80

Universal road earth moving machine

BRDM-2. Turret Mount MA7

Shooting of MT-Lbu "Toros" with MB2

Railway products

Railway products of OJSC "Muromteplovoz"

Railway motor trolley AS-10T

Plant for the production of sleepers

Railway motor trolley AST-2

Railway motor trolley BSK

Equipment for fire fighting

Crawler fire engines on the chassis MT-LBu MTLB

Extinguishing fires using special equipment

Fire-fighting train

Equipment for fire fighting

Controlled robotic complex

Extinguishing fires MT-LBu 2015

The work of fire engines in tight spaces

Simulation systems

Dynamic Simulator for driving MT-LB

Тренажер инженерной машины разграждения ИМР-3М

Simulator of APC BTR-80

Тренажер вождения автомобиля КАМАЗ

Тренажер вождения автомобиля УРАЛ

Тренажер БМП

Тренажер УАЗ

Тренажер ПАЗ