Combat Vehicle For Fire Support And  Escorting Troops

Combat Vehicle For Fire Support"TOROS"

The vehicle is designated for carrying personnel and loads, fire support for infantry, escorting and guarding military columns, preparing ways for advancing troops in conditions of the Utmost North and Arctic Islands.Component units of the sample:

light armoured caterpillar chassis of type MT-LBu; stabilized single-seat fighting compartment with outer armament MB2; supplementary equipment: self-contained diesel-generator VSN-9DN, self-contained heater for interior living sections Pollar 4D-24, inner heat insulation of living com-partments, grader type bulldozer equipment.

The article is intended for operation and storing in the open air areas at ambient air temperature 228-318K (of -50°C up to +45°C ), in mountainous conditions at the alti-tude up to 3000m above sea level and negotiating mountain ridges at the altitude of 3000m up to 4000m above sea level (with modifying tractive and dynamic proper-ties), in moisturized medium (rain, snow), and at relative humidity 98% at the tem-perature of 293K (+20°C). Chassis MT-LBu is versatile, caterpillar, amphibious possessing protection degree of 5 up to 6A, its designated service life is 30 years or 100 000 km of run.

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Engine, type YaMZ-238BL-1
Rated power, kW/t (hp) 228 (310)
Maximum speed km/h 60
Maximum speed in water, km/h 4-6
Fuel distance, km, at least 500
Maximum angle of elevation, ° 35
Maximum angle of roll, ° 25
Track, mm 2500
Base, mm 3700
Road clearance, mm 395-415
Overall dimensions, mm
Length x Width x Height, mm 7210 x 3150 x1905
Life cycle, years 30
Guarantee, years 2
Armament 30-mm cannon 2А42
7,62-mm machine gun PKTM 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-17
Angles aiming, °
-in elevation
-in azimuth

-5 +70
Camouflage facilities System 902V
Sight type Combined TKN-4GA
Ammunition, shot

Providing Protection Degree (DIN EN) 5А(B6/В7)