Тепловоз маневровый ТГМ-23Дг (газовый)

Shunting locomotiveTGM-23Dg (gas-powered)

Shunting locomotive TGM-23Dg is designated for operating on approach railway lines of industrial enterprises and construction sites as well as for shunting duties.

Costs for operation on natural gas are 30 percent lower. Among other goals of the OJSC “RZhD” the Ecological strategy based on employing natural gas as a cheap and ecologically pure fuel for locomotives is one of the most essential. This technology makes it possible to reduce expendi-tures for buying expensive diesel fuel, hence, diminish traffic costs.

According to experts’ calculations harmful substances emission decreases 2-2,5 times.

OJSC “Muromteplovoz” is shunting locomotive TGM-23 manufacturing plant . The company sells new locomotives and implements their major overhaul.

Wheel arrangement 0-3-0
Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Diesel power, kWt(h.p.) 235(320)
Maximum operating speed, km/h (m/s):
-at train regime
-in shunting duties

Tangent tractive effort of continious mode, ts 11
Fuel tanks capacity, l 1200
Sand bins capacity, kg 250
Service mass, t 44,48
Overall dimensions, mm:
-length over couplers centres
-height from top of rails