Тепловоз маневровый ТГМ-23Д

Diesel locomotiveTGM-23D

The diesel locomotive TGM-23D is designed for use on approach lines of industrial plants and construction sites and shunting duties. The diesel locomotive is powered by diesel engine 1D12-400B.Control of the diesel engine is stepless, remote.

The hydrodynamic transmission with the automatic shifting of gears makes it possible to achieve high tractive effort when starting movement and permits continuous operation at slow speeds which is of vital importance for shunting and industrial diesel locomotives.

The driver's cab is perfectly noise-and-heat insulated and furnished with two control stands

Wheel arrangement 0-3-0
Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Diesel power, kWt(h.p.) 294(400)
Maximum operating speed, km/h (m/s)
-at train regime
-in shunting duties

Tangent tractive effort of continious mode, kN (ts) 107,9(11)
Fuel tanks capacity, l 1200
Sand bins capacity, kg 250
Service mass (with 2/3 of fuel, sand and a crew of 2 persons),t 44,48
Overall dimensions, mm:
- length over couplers centres
- width
- height from top of rails