Самоходный состав: СВг-10 (с пультом управления)+ВС-5 (без пульта управления)+СВг-10 (с пультом управления)

Self-Propelled TrainSVg-10+VS-5+SVg-10

Self-propelled train SV-10+VS-5+SV-10 is designated for carrying passengers.

High dynamic characteristics of the train are achieved through a hydromechanical drive, installed on self-propelled coaches SV-10, that enables the train to improve its acceleration characteristics, enhance smoothness in accelerating and braking, reliability in operation and also employ the system for synchronization of two self-propelled coaches operating within the train formation (control as per the system of two units).

Coach weight, t, not over 55(20+15+20)
Maximum transport speed, km/h 90
Crew, person 2
Number of seats, person 138(45+48+45)
Total passengers capacity, person 261
Engine type YaMZ-238
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 176(240)
Transmission, type hydromechanical
Overall dimensions in transport state, mm
- length within automatic couplings axes 3х12250
- width 3116
- height from top of rail 4150
Service time, years 30