Самоходный вагон CВ-10, несамоходный вагон ВС-5

Self-propelled and Non-self propelled CarriageSV-10, VS-5

Self-propelled carriage SV-10 is capable of towing up to four carriages VS-5. To tow more carriages, it’s possible to employ two self-propelled carriages SV-10 or one SV-10 and railcar AGD-1A (AGS-1) on either end of the train that shall be controlled as per the system of two units.

Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Carriage weight, t, not over 22 / 15
Maximum transport speed, km/h 90-100
Crew, person 2
Number of seats, person 45 / 48
Engine type YaMZ-238M5
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 176 (240)
Control circuits voltage, V 24...27
Minimum radius of curves, m 90
Overall dimensions in transport state, mm
- length on automatic couplers axes 12950 / 12250
- width 2920 / 2920
- height from top of rail 4150 / 3650
- base 6000
Overall dimensions as per GOST 9238-83 02-VM