Self-propelled assembly platform PSM-1

Self-propelled assembly platformPSM-1

Self-propelled assembly platform PSM-1 is designed for maintenance, repair and restoration of contact network on electrified railways with DC current of 3,3 kV and AC current of 27,5 kV. It works when coupled with railway motor trolleys ARV, ADM and AGV to transport the platform and autonomously as a self-propelled vehicle.

Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Speed, when towed by a railway motor trolley, km/h 80
Speed as a self-propelled vehicle, km/h 10
Mass complete with accessories, t 20
Number of axles, incl. those with drives, pcs 2/1
Wheels diameter on tread, mm 710
Crew, person 1
Load-carrying capacity, kg 2000
Engine, type / power, kW (h.p.) D144-64 / 44(60)
Assembly platform load-carrying capacity with evenly placed load, kg 500
Assembly platform load on the side of the longer cantilever, kg 350
Assembly platform floor height from top of rail in transport state, mm 4300
Assembly platform height from top of rail in working state, max, mm 6400
Angle of assembly platform turning from longitudinal axis in horizontal plane, deg +180
Insulation class for assembly and neutral platform, kV 27,5
Overall dimensions in transport state mm:
-length on automatic couplings axles
-height from top of rail