Railway hidraulic devices

Railway hidraulic devices

JACK GD-15Hydraulic railway jack GD-15 is designed for lifting rail together with sleepers while executing maintenance and repair on the railway.

Load capacity, t 15
Height of lifting, mm 190
Force on the jack’s handle, N(kgs) 118(12)
Mass, kg 23
Overall dimensions, mm


STREIGHTENER GR-12BHydraulic rail streightener GR-12B is used to streighten rails and railway switches laid on wooden or concrete sleepers during repair or maintenance of the railway.

Force at the rod, kN(kgp) 60(6000)
Plunger stroke, mm 100
Force at the handle, N(kgp) 165(17)
Mass, with oil filled, kg 16
Overall dimensions, mm:


CLEARANCE MAKER RN-04Clearance maker RN-04 is designed for making clearance between butt-ends of rails of all kinds in repair or maintenance.

Pulling force, max, kN(kgp) 255(26000)
Plungers stroke, mm 100
Number of double handle’s strokes to pull plungers 20 mm, cycles 30
Force on handle, N(kgp) 147(15)
Mass, kg 60
Overall dimensions, mm: