Railway motorcarMGM-1

Railway motorcar MGM-1 is designated for construction and maintenance of metro railway lines superstructure,carrying cargo, tools, devices and tooling, carrying workers, powering electric power consumers.

Track gauge, mm 1520
Weight, t, not over 20
Wheel diameter on wheel tread, mm 710
Dimensions as per GOST 23961 80 M
Maximum transport speed, km/h 60
Minimum radius of curves negotiated at the speed not over 5 km/h, m 50
Cabin passengers capacity incl. crew, persons 7
Crew, persons 2
Number of passengers seats on the platform, persons 6
Platform load-carrying capacity, t 5
Maximum trailer load on inclination of 60% at the speed not over 20 km/h, t 35
Drive axles number, pcs 2
Automatic coupling S-3 (steam locomotive type)
Engine, type YaMZ-236NE2
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 169 (230)
Overall dimensions, mm, not over:
-length on automatic couplings axles
-height from top of rails

Power generator, type GS-250-20/4 1M 2001
Output, kW 20