Railway Motor TrolleyARV(M)-1

Railway Motor Trolley ARV(M)-1 is used for maintenance and restoration of overhead power lines on stations and track sides, technical service of electric power units of electrified railroads with DC current 3,3kV and AC current 27,5kV, overhead power lines condition control, carrying maintenance personnel to destination, supplying external consumers with power and compressed air, including welding.

Repair and maintenance of overhead power lines is carried out with voltage being off. The trolley is equipped with a two-seat cradle, hook suspension, clamshell, welding transformer.

Track gauge, mm 1520
Coach weight, t 23
Wheel diameter on tread, mm 710
Maximum transport speed, km/h 80
Minimum radius of curves negotiated by trolley, m 90
Passengers carrying capacity,incl. crew, person 14
Crew, person 2
Platform load-carrying capacity, t 3
Design trailer load on platform, kN(t) 1000(100)
Number of axles, pcs 2
Automatic couplers, type< PEa-86K-1-00
Engine, type YaMZ-238M2
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 176(240)
Overall dimensions, mm:
-length over couplers centres
-height from top of rails

Mounting area:
Assembly platform load-carrying capacity with evenly placed load, kg 500
Assembly platform load on the side of the longer cantilever, kg 350
Assembly platform floor height from top of rail in transport state, mm 3,575
Angle of assembly platform turning from longitudinal axis in horizontal plane, degree 180