Railway Motor Trolley ARV-1

Railway MotorARV-1

Railway Motor Trolley ARV-1 is intended for overhead power lines construction and technical service, carrying maintenance personnel to destination, improving labour conditions. It is able to operate on railway power lines under DC voltage of 3,3 kV or AC voltage 27,5kV.

It is equipped with a non-insulated lifting and turning assembly platform with total area of 7,5m2, current collector with earthing unit, a winch to stretch trolley wire, a searchlight for power line inspection, illumination for work in twilight, a radio set and an interphone system. Maintenance on network is carried out with voltage being off.

Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Wheel arrangement 0-2-0
Wheel diameter on tread, mm 710
Base, mm 6000
Mass, t 25
Maximum transport speed, km/h 80
Engine, type/Engine power, h.p. YaMZ-238M2/240
Cabin capacity, persons 12
Crew, persons 2
Trailer load, tp 42
Generator, type / voltage, kV / power, kW GS-250-30/4/380/30
Load-carrying capacity, kg 500