Рельсовый автобус «ALISA» (с 2-мя пультами управления)

Railway Bus«ALISA»

Railway Bus «ALISA» is equipped with two Control Panels. It is employed for carrying people in either direction without turning at end stations. Power plant incorporates diesel engine with remotely controlled mechanical gearbox.

Coach weight, t, not over 12
Maximum transport speed, km/h 80
Crew, person 1
Number of seats, pcs 24
Total passengers capacity, person 50
Engine, type YaMZ-236
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 132(180)
Transmission, type Mechanical
Overall dimensions in transport state, mm:
- length over front plates of the frame 8000
- width 3116
- height from top of rail 3800
Service life, year 30