Railway motor trolley AGD-1A with boring equipment

Railway motor trolley
with boring equipment

Railway motor trolley AGD-1A with boring equipment and a cradle is used in electric power supply system for current maintenance and restoration of overhead power lines on stations and track sides, boring holes for installing electric lines poles. It is also intended for service of electric power units, restoration of catenary system and overhead power lines, for carrying maintenance personnel to destination.

Motor trolley is a self-propelled two-axle vehicle. The cabin is located in front part of the trolley. Hydraulic manipulator, fitted with drilling equipment, is mounted in the rear. Instead of drilling equipment a two-seat mounting cradle a hook or a clamshell can be used. In the middle are located: mechanical transmission comprising power plant, reverse-reducer and cardan shafts, connecting reverse-reducer with axle reducer of wheel pairs . On the trolley a non-final screw conveyer is used, which causes minor pollution of the ballast prism with ground extracted in drilling.The trolley is equipped with the following removable suspended tools: drilling equipment; hook suspension; slamshell; two-seat mounting cradle

Track gauge, mm 1435, 1520
Coach weight, t 22
Wheel diameter on tread, mm 710±6
Maximum transport speed, km/h 80
Minimum radius of curves negotiated by trolley, m 90
Passengers carrying capacity,incl. crew, person 7
Crew, person 2
Platform load-carrying capacity, t 5
Design trailer load on platform, kN(t) 1000(100)
Overall dimensions, mm:
-length over couplers centres
-height from top of rails

Number of axles, pcs 2
Automatic couplers, type PEa-86K-1-00
Hydraulic manipulator maximum cargo moment, kNm (tm) 170(17)
Manipulator boom, m, min/max 1,6/7,3
Maximum height of lifting from top of rail, m 6,9
Angle of turning in horizontal plane, degree +205
Mounting cradle capacity, person 2
Mounting cradle load-carrying capacity, kg, not over 2x150
Mounting cradle boom, m 7,3
Diameter of hole bored, m 0,65
Depth of hole bored, m 4
Engine, type/Engine power, kW (h.p.) YaMZ-238M2/176(240)