Моноблок 3ТГМ23Д


If needed OJSC “Muromteplovoz” has a possibility of supplying monoblock 3ТГМ23Д (of power 3х400 hp) consisting of three locomotives ТGМ23D designated for shunting and towing duties. The locomotive is equipped with the arrangement for control as per the system of many units.

Locomotives operating as per the system of many units are to be of the same type and fur-nished with similar control systems. Monoblock 3ТGМ23D comprising of three coupled locomotives ТGМ23D with control system of three units enables to carry out works depending on the trailer load by one, two or three locomotives.

Wheel arrangement 0-3-0
Track gauge, mm 1520
Diesel power, kWt(h.p.) 335(450)
Maximum operating speed, km/h (m/s):
-at train regime
-in shunting duties

Tangent tractive effort of continious mode, ts 11
Fuel tanks capacity, l 950
Type shock-traction devices railway coupling SA-3
Service mass of locomotive, t 44
Overall dimensions, mm:
-length over couplers centres
-height from top of rails