Transporter-prime mover MT-LB VM1K

Transporter-prime moverMT-LB VM1K

Transporter-prime mover MT-LB VM1K the carrier is intended to provide protection for military columns and ob-jects,fighting hostile manpower, soft-skin military vehicles, as well as low aerial targets

Equipped mass, kg 10800
Load-carrying capacity maximum, kg 1200
Seating capacity (incl. driver), person 2/8
Mass of towed trailer, kg, not over 4000
Specific ground pressure, MPa 0,045
Maximum speed on motorway, km/h 60
Maximum speed in water, km/h 5-6
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL turbocharged
Rated power, kW/t (hp) 238 (310)
Power-to-weight ratio , hp/t 25,8
Armament Machine gun calibre 12,7 "Kord"
Ammunition load,pcs 1050
Laying angles in elevation, -3..+75
Laying angles in azimuth, 360
Sight type day PZU-7
Gearbox, type Manual
Preheater, type PZD-30
Heater, type V-95
Radio set , type R-168-25U-2