Transporter-prime mover MT-LB М1B2

Transporter-prime moverMT-LB М1B2

Transporter-prime mover MT-LB М1B2 The carrier is intended to fighting enemy manpower and lightly armored vehicles as well as low flying air targets.


  • high killing capability on the move due to installing biplane electromechanical armament stabilizer;
  • possibility of conducting fire at night, at all angles of armament elevation (if equipped with sight TKN-4GA);
  • the whole ammunition load is kept in a special armoured section of the vehicle;
  • crew protection against poisoning by powder gasses due to armament installation outside the living compartment;
  • possibility of conducting fire from grenade launcher AG-17 against open and sheltered targets

Equipped mass, kg 11950
Seating capacity (incl. driver), person 3/6
Maximum speed on motorway, km/h 60
Maximum speed in water, km/h 5-6
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL-1 turbocharged
Rated power, kW/t (hp) 238 (310)
Power-to-weight ratio , hp/t 23,9
Armament 30-mm cannon 2А42
7,62-mm machine gun PKTM
30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17
Ammunition load, pcs.

Laying angles in elevation, ° -5..+70
Laying angles in azimuth, ° 360
Stabilizer of weapon, type 2E36
Sight type day 1PZ-9, night 1PN-96 or combined day/night TKN-4GA
Camouflage facilities System 902V
Transmission, type mechanical
Preheater, type PZD-30
Heater, type OV-95
Radio set R-168-25U-2