Universal road earth moving machine

Universal road earth moving machine"UDZM"

Universal road earth moving machine "UDZM"is designed to prepare routes for movement and maneuvering of forces, as well as mechanized excavating (earth-moving) of ground in defensive posi-tions, troops disposition areas, and command posts.

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Equipped mass, kg 13500
Crew, person 2
Earth layer removed by blade, max, mm 390
Blade turning angle in grader position, ° ±18
Bucket capacity, m3 0,25
Lifting capacity at maximum boom, t 1,0
Excavating depth, max. m 2,0
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL-1
Rated power, kW/t (hp) 238 (310)
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t 22,9
Transmission, type mechanical
Maximum speed, km/h 60
Armament 12,7-mm machine gun «Kord»
Excavation of pits, 2 m deep:
- by bulldozer equipment, m3/h
- by excavating equipment, m3/h

Trenching up to depth
of 1,5m, m/h
Radio set R-168-25U-2