Модернизация БТР-50

Modernization of APCBTR-50

Modernized APC BTR-50 is intended to provide protection for military columns and ob-jects,fighting hostile manpower, soft-skin military vehicles, as well as low aerial targets

Modernization provides:

  • Substantial life time extestion (15 years) of the modernized BTR-50;
  • Max speed rise by 40 %;
  • Average speed rise by 50 %;
  • Fuel economy;
  • Diminishing of expenditures for operation, maintenance and the whole life time;
  • More convenient mounting/dismounting for the crew and assault team;
  • Less crew fatigue, and the driver, in particular;
  • Fire power enhancement that makes it possible to fight enemy manpower, light armored hostile objects, and low aerial targets;
  • Improvement of maintainability

Equipped mass, kg 15670
Length x Width x Height, mm 7637x3140x2325
Specific ground pressure, MPa 0,05
Maximum speed on motorway / in water, km/h 63,1 / 10,2
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-7601 turbocharged
Rated power, kW/t (hp) 220(300)
Transmission, type Mechanical with hydrovolumic drive of traversing gear, steering bar control
Machine gun, type / Calibre / Qty. PKTM / 7,62 / 1
Cannon, type / Calibre / Qty. 2А42 / 30 / 1
Grenade launcher, type / Calibre / Qty. AG-17 / 30 / 1
Sight, type Combined day / night ТKN-4GА
Laying angles in elevation, ° -5..+70
Laying angles in azimuth, ° 360
Stabilizer of weapon, type Electromechanical biplane