Fighting Compartment MB2-03

Fighting CompartmentMB2-03

Fighting Compartment MB2-03 is designated to fight hostile manpower and soft-skin materiel as well as low aerial targets.


  • high efficiency of targets engagement on the move due to employment of biplane electromechanical armament stabilizer;
  • possibility of conducting fire at all angles of armament elevation in twilight (when complete with sight TKN-4GA);
  • entire ammunition load is stored in the armoured space of the vehicle;
  • conducting fire with grenade launcher AG-17 against open and sheltered targets.

Fighting Compartment MB2-03 incorporates:

  • 30-mm gun 2A42;
  • 7,62-mm Machine gun PKTM
  • 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AG-17
  • System 902V
  • Electromechanical biplane armament stabilizer

Laying angle in elevation -5°..+70°
Laying angle in azimuth 360°

Turret mount armouring diagram ensures protection of class 5.