Turret Mount MA8

Turret MountMA8

Turret Mount MA8 is designated to fight hostile manpower and soft-skin materiel as well as low aerial targets.


  • high accuracy and compactness of MG KORD fire with effectiveness not lower than that of KPVT;
  • possibility of using MG KORD off the vehicle by the crew in case of leaving the machine;
  • gunner supplementary protection while loading the weapon;
  • entire ammunition load is stored in the armoured space of the vehicle;
  • possibility of conducting fire in twilight (when complete with sight TKN-4GA);
  • conducting fire with grenade launcher AG-17 against open and sheltered targets.

Turret mount MA8 incorporates:

  • 12,7-mm Machine gun «KORD»
  • 7,62-mm Machine gun PKTM
  • 30-mm grenade launcher AG-17
  • System 902V
  • Combined day/night TKN-4GA

Laying angle in elevation -5°..+70°
Laying angle in azimuth 360°

Turret mount armouring diagram ensures protection class 5.