Fighting Compartment 2S23

Fighting Compartment 2S23 "NONA-SVK"

Fighting Compartment 2S23 "NONA-SVK" is designated engaging artillery and mortar batteries, missile systems, armoured targets, means of fire and command posts.

Fighting compartment is capable of conducting aiming fire from sheltered positions and direct laying without preliminary preparation of the weapons site. Firing by all sorts of 120mm mines both Russian as well as foreign make is possible.

One of the gun 2A60 closure mechanism feature is cylinder with frame that function together as a rammer. Owing to this design the gunner would not have to apply force to drive a round into the barrel, especially at significant elevation when the barrel practically occupies the upright state.

A special arrangement monitors the barrel temperature that enhances accuracy of fire. Combustion products would not pollute the fighting compartment interior and the crew operates in the gas-free environment. Firing by correcting projectiles ZVOF 112 Kitolov-2 with targets killing capability of 0.8-0.9 is possible.

Gun 2A60, Calibre - 120 mm
Type Rifled barrel, semi-automatic gun howitzer, mortar
Sighting range of fire, km: 12,8
Coaxial Machine gun PKTM, Caliber - 7,62 mm
Combat rate of fire, rds/min 200..250
Rate of fire, rds/min 700..800
Laying angles in azimuth,°: -35..+35
>Laying angles in elevation,°: -4..+80
Rounds for gun, pcs. 30
Cartridges for MG, pcs 500
Camouflage means Smoke grenades system 902V
Protection class as per GOST (DIN EN) 6(B5/B7)