Пожарный поезд

Fire-fighting train

Fire-fighting train is intended for extinguishing fire close to the railway line, including petroleum products on the rolling stock as well as sources of fire located in the vicinity.

Fire-fighting train incorporates railcar AGD-1А (AGS-1),), three-four coupled water tank-cars based on trailer UP-4, of total capacity 51…68 t. The train maximum speed is to 70km/h

To extinguish woods and turf fires in difficult ground located beyond the railway zone instead of water tank-cars of the fire-extinguishing train is offered MT-LB chassis-based fire engine, carried on trailer UP-4.

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Water tank capacity, lit 17000
Base trailer UP-4
Net weight, t 12
Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
- L/W/H
- Base

Wheel diameter on wheel tread, mm 710
Fire pump:
- type
- rated water supply with intake height of 7,5m hose line of dia.77mm, length 8m, hp (lit/min)

Motor pump
16 (960)
- type
- water jet length with nozzle of dia.32mm, m


At Customer’s request the tank-car can be equipped with other types of fire pumps and carriages