Pumping-delivery station MT-LBu-PNS-1

Pumping-delivery stationMT-LBu-PNS-1

Pumping-delivery vehicle is designated for filling movable pumping station pump with water. It represents a caterpillar amphibious vehicle with all-welded, air-tight hull that accommodates operating equipment: self-contained diesel hydrostation, two floating delivery pumps, two drums with high pressure hydraulic hoses, two drums with flatly-coiled hose. The hull top mounts a crane-manipulator installation for ancillary equipment handling. The vehicle is equipped with a filter-ventilator unit (FVU) providing purification of the inco-ming air inside the hull. It can be employed for evacuating people.

Total weight, kg 13400
Overall dimensions,not over, mm: length x width x height 7290 x 3150 x 2285
Specific ground pressure, MPa not over 0,05
Minimum turning radius, m 1,25
Maximum angles, upgrade/bank, ° 30
The maximum angle of roll, ° 25
Speed on land, km/h 60
Speed on water, km/h 4-5
Reserve of fire hoses, m 2000
Сapacity, kg 5000
Number of seats in cabin, incl. driver 7
Number of seats in the cargo area (without of fire hoses), person 4
Fire pump, type NCPN-100/100
- Nominal flow pump, h.p. 100
- Pump head in a nominal mode, m, at least 100
- the largest geometric intake height, m 7,5
- foamer dosage level, % 1...10
- foam generator at the same time working. GPS-600 at 6%, pcs. 16 max
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL1 turbocharged
- Engine power, kW (h.p.) 228(310)
- fuel consumption for 1 hour, l 30-40
Productivity for filtering, m3/h 200-220
Heat output of heater, kW(kkal/h), at least 11,02 (9500)