Гусеничный лесопожарный вездеход МТ-ЛБу-ЛПВ

Caterpillar ATV for extinguishing forestMT-LBu-LPV

Caterpillar ATV for extinguishing forest MT-LBu-LPV with removable for firefighting equipment designed for delivery to the place Call personnel, patrol areas, fire fighting and rescue operations with the help of it we carry stock of water, and supplying water to the fire site from other sources. Removable equipment allows to use the chassis of the machine for transport purposes.

Total weight, t 15
Number of seats in cabin, incl. driver 7
Personnel on hull of the machine, persons до 20
Tank capacity, m3 7,5
Filter-Ventilator Installation, capacity, m3/h 200-230
Motorized pumps Robin (980 l/min, 3”, Engine Subaru) or other
Branching three-way RT-80
Carriage SLK-P20
Fire hoses RS-50
Fire hoses RS-70
Engine, type Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL1 turbocharged
Speed on land, km/h 60
Maximum angles, upgrade/bank, ° 35 (25)