Лесопожарный трактор МТ-ЛБ-ЛПТ

Tractor for extinguishing fire in woods MT-LB-LPT

Making passages in obstruction for automotive equipment traffic. Excavating water pits and ponds. Making mineralized fire-fighting stripes.

The machine is designated for localization of woods fires, making mineralized and fire protecting stripes, processing timber, mechanization of earth-moving works in excavating pits, making passages in obstructions for motion of automotive equipment.

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Total weight, t not over 13,5
Overall dimensions,not over, mm:
length x width x height

9180 x 3150 x 3620
Trailer-tank capacity, l 4000
Mass of trailer (water tank) towed, t 6,5
Motorized pumps MNPV-90/300 or others
Crew, person 2
Maximum speed, km/h 60
Engine type, model YaMZ-238VM
Engine power, kW (h.p.) 176(240)
Bulldozer equipment, type grader
- Blade overall dimensions, mm: W x H 3090 x 750
- Blade angle of turning into grader position, ° ±18
- Making ways for motion of columns of automotive transport
in medium cross-country and mountainous-forest terrain, km/h
Excavator bucket capacity, m3 0,25
- Maximum depth of excavation, m 2
- Bucket height of lift, max, m 2,6
- Load-lifting capacity at max jib, t 1
- Rotation angle, ° 270
- Excavation of pits up to 2m deep: with bulldozer and excavator equipment, m3/h 50
- Filling trenches, funnels, ravines etc., m3/h 80
Forest plough PKL-70
- Fire protecting strip width, cm at least 120
Transportation self-propelled, rail transport, water transport, road transport