Basic MT-LBu-GPM-10 Chassis-Based Fire Fighting Vehicle

Chassis-Based Fire Fighting Vehicle MT-LBu-GPM-10

Caterpillar fire fighting machine MT-LBu-GPM-10 is intended for extinguishing fire and fighting accidents in extremely hazardous conditions threatened by injuring with splinters and radiation, evacuation of people from areas afire.

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Bulldozer equipment enables the machine to make mineralized strips, water supplying pits, make passages in obstructions for moving automotive equipment. The machine can be controlled both by the crew, as well as in the mode of remote control for operating in the areas of extreme hazard. It can be delivered to remote territories by aircraft IL-76, AN-22, and by helicopters MI-26 on its external suspension.

Water (foam) reservoir capacity, l 3200 (300)
Fire pump NCPК-40/100-4/400
Fire carriage (with remote control) LSF-40U
Water jet range, at least 60
Extinguishing fire by nozzles ( spraying), nozzles number 2 (10)
Filter-Ventilator Installation, capacity, m3/h 200-220
Weight in operating condition, t 16
Protection class 3
Number of seats in cabin, incl. driver 7-12
Personnel on hull of the machine, persons up to 20
Speed on land, km/h 60
Speed on water, km/h 4-5
Maximum angles, upgrade/bank, ° 35 (25)
Specific ground pressure, MPa not over 0,05
Engine Four-stroke diesel engine YaMZ-238BL1 turbocharged
Bulldozer equipmen:
- blade width
- blade height
- Blade angle in grader position, °