Computer driving imulator car PAZ

Computer driving
imulator car

Simulator for the bus driving PAZ(index TVM-PAZ) is designated for training bus "PAZ" drivers to master driving skills.

Employment of the simulator makes it possible to reduce training costs and terms for drivers preparation and save vehicles engines motor potential.

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Simulator Make-UP:

Simulator incorporates driver module, SPTA set, set of in-line documentation, set of tare.

Driver cabin imitates vehicle driver workstation as to test instruments, controls location, travels and efforts of controls.

Trainee cabin is installed on dynamic platform and can be used for training both in dynamic as well as static mode of the platform.
Trainee cabin incorporates:
- controls, test instruments;
- system of visualization (front and side monitors);
- intercom and acoustic units.

Instructor module:
Module is designated for connecting simulator, input of initial data, control and estimation of drivers actions, training process leading, specific faults input.
It is provided with a software-hardware complex (incl. monitor, manipulator mouse, printer), intercom.

Simulator mimics:

  • test instruments readings;
  • disposition, travels and efforts of controls;
  • preparation of the engine and engine start-up in summer and in winter;
  • acceleration, speeds of motion, braking, slewing, and other dynamic characteristics of the vehicle;
  • hum of the engine.
One-phase supply voltage, V (Hz) 220(50)
Consumed power, kW, not over 4,0
Simulator mass, kg 2000
Overall dimensions, mm:
length / width / height

4200 / 2500 / 3500