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Operator SimulatorIMR-3

Engineer Demining Vehicle IMR-3M Operator Simulator (index TO-IMR-3M) designated for training IMR-3M operators in conditions of a classroom without combat vehicle potential loss in conformity with the Program for Driving Engineering Vehicles (KVIM-2010 project).

Employment of the simulator makes it possible to reduce training costs and terms for operators preparation, vehicles engines motor potential, diminish POLs expenditure in training centres and army training squads.

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Simulator Make-up

  • Instructor workstation;
  • Operator workstation;
  • appropriate software;
  • single SPTA set;
  • set of in-line documentation on CD;
  • packing.

Trainee cabin incorporates:
- controls, test instruments;
- system of visualization (front and side monitors);
- intercom and acoustic units.

Instructor module:
- Module is designated for connecting simulator, input of initial data, control and estimation of drivers actions, training process leading, specific faults input.
- It is provided with a software-hardware complex (incl. monitor, manipulator mouse, printer), intercom.

>Simulator mimics:

  • trainee cabin equipment, systems and controls functioning;
  • simulation of the versatile operating tool movements within the frame of the synthesized terrain in real time depending on trainee actions and watching really alternating situation with dubbing of images on Instructor monitors;
  • simulation of the day and night work of the operator;
  • visualization of terrain that provides execution of exercises
  • automatic registration of errors made by trainee with data display on Instructor monitor;
  • acoustic situation simulation in operators cabin;
  • high reproduction degree of the environment.
Type of Simulator computer, static
Overall dimensions, mm:
length / width / height

3000 / 2000 / 1900
One-phase supply voltage, V (Hz) 220(50)
Consumed power, kW, not over 2
Simulator mass, kg 500