Dynamic Crew Simulators BTR-80

Dynamic Crew SimulatorsBTR-80

APC BTR-80A Dynamic Computer Crew Simulator (index TEM-BTR-80A) is designated for training and drilling BTR-80A crew, developing methods and improving skills for driving APC BTR-80A, solving fire tasks in the day time and at night, negotiating restricted passages, natural and man-made obstacles as well as driving over broken country, desert-sandy terrain, marshy and mountainous areas.

Utilization of the simulator enables to reduce costs and terms of training for BTR-80A drivers, gunners and commanders, to diminish vehicles motor potential expenditure, POLs and ammu-nition in military training centres and army training squads.

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Simulator provides:

- presence effect arising in the process of training that creates maximum identity with driver, gunner and commander activities in the battle. Trainee cabin mimics combat vehicle driver workstation, real vehicle environment as to controls, test instrument, vision devices location, travels and efforts of controls.

Simulator mimics:

  • test instruments readings;
  • disposition, travels and efforts of controls;
  • preparation of the engine and engine start-up in summer and in winter;
  • acceleration, speeds of motion, braking, slewing, and other combat vehicle characteristics;
  • hum of the engine, units and sounds of rounds;
  • bank angle, pitching and driver workstation displacements in upright direction;
  • specific faults of the engine and its systems: coolant temperature rise, lube oil temperature rise; lube oil pressure fall; storage batteries discharge;
  • turret traversing.
Overall dimensions, mm:
length / width / height

10700 / 4600 / 2420
One-phase supply voltage, V (Hz) 220(50)
Consumed power, kW, not over 6,5
Simulator mass, kg 4200