Dynamic Simulator for driving BTR-80

Dynamic Simulator for driving BTR-80

Dynamic Three-Degree-Of-Freedom BTR-80 Driving Simulator (index TV-BTR-80) is designated for training drivers to master skills of driving combat vehicles BTR-80

Utilization of the simulator enables to reduce costs and terms of training for caterpillar vehicles drivers, to diminish vehicles motor potential expenditure, POLs and ammunition in military training centres and army training squads.

Simulator Make-Up:

Simulator incorporates a driver workstation, installed on three-degree-of-freedom platform, and Instructor workstation.

Trainee workstation is equipped with:
- controls, test instruments that provide mimicking of the engine start-up and driving;
- monitor depicting terrain;
- system reproducing pitching and bank angles of the vehicle hull.

Instructor workstation:
- workstation is designated for connecting simulator, input of initial data, control and estimation of drivers actions, training process leading;
- workstation is furnished with a monitor, control manipulator, intercom.

Simulator mimics:

  • test instruments readings;
  • disposition, travels and efforts of controls;
  • preparation of the engine and engine start-up in summer and in winter;
  • hum of the engine, units and rounds sounds;
  • bank angle, pitching and driver workstation displacements in upright direction;
  • specific faults of the engine and its systems: coolant temperature rise, lube oil temperature rise; lube oil pressure fall; storage batteries discharge.
Overall dimensions, mm:
length / width / height

4530 / 2000 / 2400
One-phase supply voltage, V (Hz) 220(50)
Consumed power, kW, not over 1,5
Simulator mass, kg 1600