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Dynamic Crew Simulator BMP-2

Combat Infantry Vehicle BMP-2 Crew Simulator (index TE-BMP-2) is a training facility to develop combat skills of the driver, commander and BMP-2 operator in conditions of a training institution. Simulator includes driver, commander and operator workstations installed on three-degree-of-freedom dynamic platforms, and Instructor workstation.

Utilization of the simulator enables to reduce costs and terms of training for BMP-2 drivers, gunners and commanders, to diminish vehicles motor potential loss, POLs and ammunition in military training centres and army training squads.

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Simulator provides:

- presence effect arising in the process of training that creates maximum identity with driver, operator and commander combat activities. Trainee cabin mimics combat vehicle driver workstation, real vehicle environment as to controls, test instrument, vision devices location, travels and efforts of controls.

Simulator mimics:

  • test instruments readings;
  • disposition, travels and efforts of controls;
  • preparation of the engine and engine start-up in summer and in winter;
  • acceleration, speeds of motion, braking, slewing, and other combat vehicle characteristics;
  • hum of the engine, units and sounds of rounds;
  • bank angle, pitching and driver workstation displacements in upright direction;
  • specific faults of the engine and its systems: coolant temperature rise, lube oil temperature rise; lube oil pressure fall; storage batteries discharge;
Overall dimensions, mm:
length / width / height

8000 / 3000 / 2500
One-phase supply voltage, V (Hz) 220(50)
Consumed power, kW, not over 13,0
Simulator mass, kg 4000